Going through years of clutter on your own isn't easy. Ms. Neatnik handles any room or storage area that has become overwhelming, confusing, or stressful.  Ms. Neatnik will help you decide what to donate, sell, give away, or discard, and she'll arrange for your donations to be picked up. 

Ms. Neatnik will sort, coordinate and contain clutter with storage systems designed to fit your lifestyle to bring a profound sense of calm to your living space. Ms. Neatnik can suggest and even shop on your behalf for the right organizing products. 


Paper Management

Ms. Neatnik will help you determine what items can and should be discarded. She will work with you to create a filing system to manage your home office papers. Ms. Neatnik will group like items together and you will be left with an easy-to-use system tailored to your family's needs.



Moving represents an opportunity to reorganize and simplify. Before your move, Ms. Neatnik will help you declutter and maximize your space to effectively present your home for sale. After your move, Ms. Neatnik will help you with overall space planning, unpacking, and arrangement of your items. Think of Ms. Neatnik if you are physically unable to pack or unpack, are overwhelmed by your move, or simply dreading the process.